Supplementation of methylated folate and methylated vitamin B12

sense of time Integrazione di folati metilati e vitamina B12 metilata

With much pleasure I publish the important testimony on 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and methylcobalamin supplements

Edited by Antonella Biunda a dear friend and reader of my Blog .

Antonella has been doing research in the field of medicine and wellness for years and is Founder and Administrator of the beautiful Facebook group that I invite you to visit:


Personal experience on supplementation of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and methylcobalamin

"In 2014 in desperate pursuit of a second pregnancy, desperation due to the fact that my body was behaving as infertile, I underwent, thanks to some third-party indications, a search for some genetic mutations.

The correct insight was 'methylated folic acid supplementation along with a vegan raw regimen (at 90%) combined with vegetable extracts processed in the Gerson regimen.

Despite what is believed, my homocysteine values were not very high, on the contrary, but there was an immediate response, and after three months of this regimen I immediately became pregnant.

I also managed to have the insight to supplement iron naturally and not chemically, and the dietary regimen did the rest.

I had always supplemented folic acid with very poor results, and from that time on I became passionate about researching the correlations and uptake of methylates in the specific case of my mutations.

My use of normal folic acid was masking a severe b12 deficiency.

I have found scientific studies showing that methyl-cobalamin acts in peripheral neuropathic pain; it is critical in DNA and protein methylation as it participates in homocysteine and methionine metabolism; it plays the role of neuronal protection, improves sleep and wake rhythm, nerve conduction in patients with diabetic neuropathy, and induces effects of improvements in the visual field, and much more.

Over the years I have carefully witnessed responses in my body and others with respect to significant dosage changes and maintenance of this substance combined with 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (methylated folic acid).

The response to natural anti-inflammatories, which normally gave no outcome, thanks again to this supplementation, was remarkably positive.

With this latest intake, I also began to notice significant mental clarity and improvement in performance.

Also from scientific studies, the use of methylated folate guarantees a reduction in the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

The reduction of folate in the brain, in fact, increases the proliferation of free radicals responsible for attacks on nerve cells causing mental faculties to slow down.

I observed how supplementation in several subjects with high cholesterol enabled them to return to standard values by counteracting its effects and helping restore metabolism.

There is evidence that in Italy the study of this mutation (MTHFR) is only studied in depth with regard to fertility, polyabortion, and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, I continued the low-dose intake of methylated B9 and B12 but, in December, due to severe stresses I ran into a probable TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) and hearing reduction in the right side. In addition, I was trying to devise new protocols to try to combat lateral fluid effusions (continuous) in both knees (edema) that had been treated by professional numbers in various fields since 2017 but without success. The integration of the two substances in increasing doses experienced daily allowed me to find the correct dosage and within a very few days allowed the edema to completely reabsorb.

The 'supplement helped me overcome a period of excessive mental stress caused by major decisions affecting me in recent years.

Since taking these folates in larger doses, I have had no more panic attacks."

Antonella Biunda

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To Antonella's beautiful testimony, which offers inspiration and hope to all, I would like to add that in order to pursue these goals, supplementation with effective products is absolutely recommended and necessary; unfortunately, these are not always those available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Another key aspect is dosage. Often the doses recommended in Italy, and which most supplements contain, are completely insufficient, and if we were to limit ourselves to those, it would do no good to achieve the desired results.

We talked about this with Antonella, and we propose to explore it further with the support of functional medicine physicians as well. Unfortunately, often those who are doctors but do not do research do not even know what methylated folates are (Ed).


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