Are vaccines safe in pregnancy?

sense of time Sono sicuri i vaccini in gravidanza?

More and more often lately we hear about vaccines and the possibility of vaccinating mom during pregnancy, indeed more and more advice to vaccinate is coming from official sources.

Since this is such a delicate and important issue, we will not take a position but will limit ourselves (sticking to the topic of vaccines) to discussing and reflecting on the basis of our knowledge and experience, also reporting news that may be useful in understanding.

Unfortunately, there was news a few days ago of the death of a 20-day-old newborn due to pertussis, born to a mother who had been vaccinated during pregnancy. The baby was taken care of by neonatal specialists in the neonatal intensive care unit in Parma, who found the pertussis germ as the cause of the infection.

Is the fact that the mother was vaccinated just a coincidence? It is natural to ask this question and hope for safe, exhaustive, and convincing answers from the experts.

The doctors and healthcare companies involved emphasize the importance of vaccines, as we can read in official sources, but it is important to go beyond that and always seek information from doctors who have been studying the immune system for years and offer different perspectives on the phenomenon.

The news

For completeness of information on the subject we also point out this news item also on the subject that you can read here

According to this study, those who are vaccinated with the acellular pertussis vaccine are protected from the disease, but they can still be infected with the bacterium, without getting sick, and spread the infection to the unvaccinated and infants.

Therefore, it is important to approach the topic by always informing oneself very well and studying, comparing different doctors, patients and researchers without preconceptions and stances that do not lead to enrichment but only to stiffening without learning more.


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