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Although there is increasing talk about supplements, multivitamins, dietary supplements and natural substances, the topic of supplementation is still a little-known topic that is treated too superficially.

Unfortunately, the gap between those who are against the use of supplements a priori (without even knowing them or having ever used them) and those who, instead, speak of them as miracle products without making the right distinctions between those that really can help and those that really do not need them turns out to be greater every day.

It must necessarily be made clear that some substances, which are regarded as supplements (think of vitamin D3 and retinoic acid), when taken in the correct dosages become as potent as a drug if not more so, having an important biological action.

La selection of supplements we have included in the blog is the result of many years of experimentation and comparison among different products and brands found on the market worldwide.

I started with supplements that are easily purchased in pharmacies and herbal stores, but later, thanks to online trading, I learned about other products and immediately appreciated the real difference in their effectiveness and tolerability.

I know it's not easy to find a doctor or pharmacist who does supplementation, it's not that they don't exist, they are there but you have to go find them and they are usually the best professionals who also know the best products and can recommend them to you. 


If you can't find experienced people, and you have to solve complex health situations, and you are used to studying and investigating like me, there are many useful resources to learn about and approach the topic of supplements with the right caution, but without giving up their long-term benefit on our health.

To make it easier to find the product within our site, we have included a whole series of links between the various categories that relate to the treated discomfort (e.g., "Pain") and systematically correlate it with other topics (e.g., "Immune System") .

In addition, for the most important substances, I will later publish insights dedicated to the most widely used active ingredients but also to those that are less well known but that I have discovered over time and that have helped me and many other patients with disabling and delicate health problems.

Clearly this is not an invitation to go it alone-on the contrary, it is essential to delve deeper into your personal needs and ask the experts what supplementation to undertake, the doses and how long to take them in your particular case.

We have clear evidence that dietary supplementation is increasingly becoming an important weapon to be used to counter the risk of developing chronic diseases and premature aging, but also the viral infections that seem to mark our age

For many years I have been looking for a space that would contain the products most effective for treating the immune system but in vain, so I decided to create what I wanted to find for myself. A thoughtful and careful selection devoted entirely to products that are really useful for preserving health, optimizing our performance, and making us feel better.

I dedicate it to all the courageous people I have found on my healing journey, each of them teaching me something valuable and unique that I will not forget.

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