Beauty comes from within

sense of time La bellezza viene da dentro

The more time passes, the more attention to "aesthetics" in the sense of taking care of one's outward appearance grows, and more and more people are using every means to be able to present themselves at their best, hoping to be able to stop time and indefinitely prolong youth.

Every year the market for beauty and aesthetic treatments that require often invasive and very expensive operations grows.

It begs the question of whether this kind of approach is really the best approach to preserve the health, radiance of our skin, harmony of the shapes of our face and body over time, and ultimately to effectively enhance our beauty.

Is it really by applying cream or injecting filler to fill in a wrinkle that we improve and, more importantly, care for our skin and keep it young and beautiful?

It becomes clear that by intervening on the purely outward appearance, the results will be short-lived and an end in themselves.

It makes much more sense to talk about aesthetics and antiaging medicine, which deal with everything that, instead, goes to treat from the inside the real causes of cellular aging in the face, body, hair, and skin, combating oxidative stress in depth (a topic we will deal with recurrently on the blog).

Doing so would not only be limited to treating only the effects without tracing the cause of aging, but would reach the paradox of aggravating the internal causes that lead to it, with the use of substances that bring into the cells foreign and harmful substances for our body (cosmetics with aggressive chemicals or use of silicon fillers, etc...), while neglecting instead the treatments and supplements that really have the power to make us healthier and younger.

With the right prevention, acting from the inside, one can achieve amazing results; in particular, it is important to consume antioxidant and regenerative substances that taken both orally and dermally restore what time takes away, without neglecting the endocrinological and systemic inflammation aspects, which are always too underestimated even by doctors who deal with functional medicine, but which are, in recent years, increasingly being taken into account, not only for health purposes, but also purely aesthetic ones.

Products based on vitamin C, vitamin E, the complex B, hyaluronic acid, and other antioxidants such as the green tea, alpha lipoic acid, the coenzyme Q10, and several amino acids, at high doses are used not only as medicines but as functional nutraceuticals with an important bearing on the appearance and health of skin, hair, nails, and generally any connective tissue.

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We will cover these topics in the blog and show that nutrition rich in nutrients and antioxidants combined with proper rest, the right amount of exercise and exposure to sunlight, maintaining a purposeful and positive attitude toward life, cultivating one's passions, and loving and surrounding oneself with love and beauty can really make a difference.

No miracles but the belief that only this way of conceiving "aesthetic" treatments is truly effective and succeeds in achieving excellent and lasting results, especially, when combined with a proper lifestyle that, at no cost, will help all of us to keep ourselves young and vital for as long as possible.

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