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My name is Lucia, I am a Health Coach and tireless researcher of every possible therapy that can help you regain and maintain your best health and regain full control of your life.

After years of having treated, edited and solved, experimenting on myself and without resorting to drugs, my autoimmune health problem, I have become passionate about researching and studying any means that can give support to those suffering from autoimmune diseases and any other problem considered difficult to solve.

In particular, I have delved into subjects pertaining to complementary medicine, functional nutrition, all kinds of supplements and supplements along with effective and safe energy techniques to support healing of body, mind and Soul.

Increasingly curious to discover and share with you every secret that can make your life happier, healthier and more beautiful, I hope my journey can be of help and inspiration to those who pass by and linger in this space.

I learned the true value of my own existence at the very moment when I feared all was lost, and I began to savor anew the meaning of a full and happy life thanks in part to the enthusiasm and Love for a wonderful Soul who inspired and supported me in the realization of our Dream.

It is When you want to succeed that you succeed . "Whatever you dream of undertaking, begin it..." Goethe

We are often inclined to overthink before doing something we desire, risking not actually starting to do it and putting it off indefinitely, never putting it into practice.
So for a long time I have been planning to open this virtual space but only now have I had the right determination and opportunity to do so.

I will write for myself but also for readers who, as happened to me years ago, will one day find themselves googling scary words like "autoimmune," "disease," "therapies," "diagnosis,"

I will talk about what "happened" to me and how slowly with much perseverance and determination I came out of it.

I do not pretend that my experience will be an example or inspiration to others but I just want it to remain written down, fixed and more orderly than it would be scattered in my file archive, in my mind and in the memories of those who lived it next to me.

budda aphorisms itI was not able to share this journey of mine as I was going through it because I was too busy with my own research and treatment; therefore, I waited for the right time to be able to talk about what was helpful to me, what helped me, and what is too often silenced in the official venues where people turn for answers to health problems that are difficult, if not impossible, to solve.

I hope to have the same constancy in my writing that I have had, for several years, in my discoveries and treatment protocols, and I hope that this container of ideas will become the space that I myself would have liked to find at the beginning of my journey but have rarely found.

This blog will not only talk about therapies, medicine and health but will cover a variety of topics that affect the well-being of the whole person.

"Walking presupposes that with each step the world changes in some aspect of it and also that something changes in us." Italo Calvino.

Happy reading to all.

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    Thank you ❤ for sharing with all of us.

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    All the good!!! Very good ?

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    Thank you for what you do and the strength you can give me.

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    Thank you Luce....never name was more appropriate ?

    1. Lucia

      Thank you Carmen what an honor to have you here ❤❤❤

  5. Sara

    Congratulations!!! Unfortunately, there is so much information and it is difficult to understand what is right for each of us. I hope you can help us out ❤️

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