Approach to " Healthcare Freedom " of autoimmune diseases and beyond

sense of time Approccio alla “Libertà di cura” delle malattie autoimmuni e non solo

Healthcare freedom can be defined as the right and ability of each individual to choose the therapeutic path that they believe is most suitable for their physical and mental well-being, without being limited by economic, social, or political factors.

After the latest heated reflections that have arisen in the Facebook group "Of autoimmune disease you can recover," it is useful to clarify which line has always been followed from the creation of the group until the birth of our blog.

Throughout my journey, which, in baby steps, only for reasons of lack of time and not because there is anything secret, I am sharing with you, I talk about the various dietary accouterments, life style, supplements and whatever else has helped me stay well and with a mind always open to all approaches of healing.

Once I received the diagnosis of autoimmune disease, I immediately tried to understand what exactly it was and what the answers of medicine and Science were; of ALL medicine and Science not only of that considered, in most cases due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, the only one, namely that offered by the departments of the Polyclinics where one ends up in the acute phase or in emergency.

That is where you need to turn without delay, when something in your body causes you to be alarmed, because waiting sometimes means then arriving too late. So did I, that distant December of 2003, when I was hospitalized for a stomach ache that, instead of decreasing, was increasing to the point of exhaustion. I was afraid to continue to stay at home again so, although very afraid, I decided to go to the hospital.

I have told you this to make you understand that I came to integrated therapies and enlightened doctors only after experiencing all the other paths that led me in this direction inexorably.
That time the hospitalization did not do much good; in fact, I lost even more weight because the hospital food increased the pains, and I especially lost so many nights of sleep, which, as we know all too well by now, regulates precisely the entire immune system.

I recalled this episode precisely to clarify that I did not snub medication out of hand and that I tried to rely on so-called traditional doctors but in my case to no avail.

Cortisone, probably, along with other medication made my acute phase calm down but only after I arrived at the hospital on my 6th hospitalization in two months in critical condition; instead, my general and especially emotional condition there got much worse.

If I had known doctors at the time who work differently, I probably would have decided to pursue integrated therapies; in fact, if I had the knowledge I have now, none of this would have ever happened and my whole life would have been different; I don't know if better or worse but...different!

In light of all this, it is evident that, both here in the blog, as well as in my own path but, above all, on social networks and in particular in my (indeed your) group "Of autoimmune disease you can heal", I cannot advise you how to cure yourself but have at heart to talk about my experience, which concerns only me in my peculiarities and that it would be wrong to generalize; in these virtual spaces we talk extensively about allopathic medicines as well as homeopathy, phytotherapy and Bach flowers, meditation, official and integrated therapies, but above all we focus our attention on healing the emotions and the Soul.

This is in no way meant to discourage people from getting treatment but on the contrary to offer food for thought so that everyone can freely decide how to approach their own path. As for me, I am quite happy to have avoided chemotherapy and biologics (targeted chemotherapy) but those who choose otherwise still have the opportunity to find advice on how to mitigate the side effects of the drugs.

Talking about the side effects of drugs is not to discourage their use but to incentivize choices that are truly desired by the individual.

Each person is a universe of his or her own, what worked for me may work for others but these are just hints, pointers, suggestions to make patients and their therapists delve deeper; as I clearly wrote in the medical disclaimer all this is not intended to and, above all, cannot replace the work of physicians.

As soon as I let go of fears and gained critical sense and knowledge, I finally felt free to treat myself as I most desired as well as I hope all other living beings do but THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITHOUT POSSIBILITY FOR CONSIDERABLE CHOICE.

I don't want to be an example or inspiration to anyone but, as I have expressed other times, I am trying to create small bricks to build a different space that I wish I could have known myself when I was so sick that I reached lower than the bottom and found no comfort at all in those who, despite powerful drugs such as chemotherapy, continued to be sick; in fact, I slowly began to realize that, probably, it was these that were chronicizing the disease. At the same time I felt a strange inner cry that told me that the disease was not an enemy to be put down nor a reason to feel unlucky or outcast but an opportunity to improve all those aspects of my existence that had contributed to making me sick.

No prejudice, therefore, for life-saving therapies and traditional cures but the continuous desire to study and find together with real researchers (physicians, biologics, informed patients, etc...) not compromise and partial solutions but the cure to really live again and not remain "patients" for life.

"First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

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