The story of Alessandra,a woman fighting cancer through integrated therapies after official therapies failed

sense of time La storia di Alessandra,una donna che combatte il cancro grazie alle terapie integrate dopo il fallimento delle terapie ufficiali

"Alessandra is 47 years old, a flamenco dancer, an activist for the human rights, a feminist activist. Alessandra has the cancer, but she is not "a cancer patient:" "I don't want to be identified with my disease," as one does with cancer patients. On the contrary, the disease has become Alessandra: a political battle that is involving hundreds of people, and a campaign viral: to disseminate information, organizing meetings, raising money for treatment that changed Alessandra's prognosis from "It's amazing that she's still alive"-said by the professor who months ago explained how her liver, functioning only at 5%, would not withstand another session of chemo - to 25% of functioning liver.

A political battle against ham and cheese sandwiches served to the  sufferers of cancer in hospital wards, in defiance of all the guidelines of the scientific community on feeding cancer patients. Against meals based on refined flours, packaged juices and cheeses prepared by the firms that contract the canteens of the public hospitals, contravening the recommendations of the American Institute for Cancer Research, those of the  European Code Against Cancer, the World Cancer Research Fund, theItalian Association for Cancer Research. An information campaign against the  privatization  of health care  that disincentivizes any investment in prevention, because if treatment is a commodity, the sick become a business. "The  prevention the real one, not mammography and ultrasound, which are crucial techniques for early detection of the disease but do not prevent it."

alessandra flamenco dancerAlessandra began studying the matter in 2015, five years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, operated on and treated according to protocol: mastectomy, axillary emptying, intraoperative radio, chemotherapy, monoclonal antibody, hormone therapy. "Five years later, the metastasis to the liver and lymph nodes." The protocol pinwheel begins again: chemotherapy, first orally, then intravenously at Umberto I in Rome, stereotactic radiotherapy for a skull bone injury, two thermoablation treatments at Pistoia, white bread and stracchino cheese served in the ward: all highly toxic and harmful foods for cancer patients. The disease advances, Alessandra is getting worse and worse, nauseous, stops dancing.

Until the day you hear, "Alessandra, you eat three times a day, so three times you can cure your power supply  like it was a real therapy," and decides to complement the therapies with an anti-cancer diet. It is an acupuncture physician who explains what many oncologists do not say, even though recommendations from all research institutions agree on the subject: diet has a role fundamental In cancer prevention and treatment.

"From the next day, following the directions of this research, I completely  revolutionized  my diet by abandoning all kinds of  protein  animal, sugars (including those in fruits), processed foods, refined flours, excess salt, cooking at too high a temperature, solanaceae (eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes) because they are rich in  solanine, a substance that affects the digestive system, intestinal barrier, nervous system and calcium metabolism.

I started to consume many foods raw, organic vegetables (mostly bitter and green leafy vegetables, rich in vitamin C and chlorophyll) and vegetables from the cruciferous family, rich in minerals such as calcium, iron and beneficial substances that strengthen the immune system and fiber that prevents digestive problems). Whole grains; legumes; oilseeds; evo oil; hemp seed oil-which has a very low amount of saturated fatty acids, around 10%, but is very rich in omega 3, polyunsaturated fats that allow metabolizing fats, facilitate cleansing of the arteries, fight high triglycerides and thus cholesterol, and prevent inflammation of the organs; flaxseed oil (rich in omega 3 and omega 6, vitamin C and vitamin E, B vitamins, plant proteins and minerals); dried fruit, especially almonds and walnuts."

Alessandra began to organize meetings, inviting oncologists and  nutritionists to confront and involve other patients and associations involved in cancer treatment and prevention.

The next appointment is Sunday in Rome, at 6:30 p.m. at Casetta Rossa, 14 Magnaghi St. , with Dr. LiuveCapezzani, psychologist, psychotherapist and psycho-oncologist,  Annamaria Mazzini, a painter and founder of the Body Art Therapy Italia association, and  Raffaella Sirena of Dormant Gems, a non-profit organization that specializes in protecting the fertility of cancer patients. This will be followed by a cocktail reception to fund Alessandra's campaign, "Strictly vegan, healthy and organic."

Since April, Alessandra has been undergoing Frankfurt to the treatment that allowed her to recover liver function and start dancing again. A treatment not available in Italy, which Alessandra accessed thanks to the help of donors who joined her campaign, "I still have a lot of things to do in this life, I don't give up. I am not a guru or a doctor, but I certainly tell my experience with the hope of sowing seeds in the hearts and minds of the people who read me.

Other patients may get better by combining traditional therapies with therapies  natural  that support the immune system and help cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. I recommend that they pay strict attention to nutrition, work on their emotions, practice techniques of relaxation  Like yoga, meditation. All of this is called the approach integrated to the disease: taking care of the person goes through the body, soul and spirit. It is ignored by Western oncology, except in a few countries, but typical of traditional medicines in other countries such as Indian and Chinese.""



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