Denied creativity and autoimmune diseases

sense of time Creatività negata e malattie autoimmuni

At a certain point I began to look at the "disease" no longer with fear but with curiosity and greater detachment, I was thus able to make it an object of "study" and no longer of suffering, trying to understand the character traits and, above all, the experience that, together, may have contributed to the development of this type of problem.

I have noticed that often those who incur autoimmune reactions have been, for a long time, a soul endowed with strong creativity, without being able to express and develop it. Frustrated and limited creative soul, that is, blocked and inhibited in its true nature.
Usually these are people who always like to grasp the beautiful and colorful side of life and others, who resent conflict and competitive, hyper-logical work environments, and often, I have also noticed that they look much younger than their actual age (but we will discuss this in a dedicated article).

They search in every way for a channel to express their often very strong and conflicting sensitivities and emotions, being, more often than not, misunderstood, blocked or even ostracized because their way of being is considered unsuitable for adulthood and traditional social and work contexts. When this happens, the work of destroying and inhibiting this side of self begins until it is totally annulled.

Speaking of my personal experience, even as a child, I loved to study art history and art in all its manifestations, I read and collected books on archaeology, I liked to travel and combine the two passions. As long as, in my own small way, I could express these passions the soul did not feel constrained, but with the "choice" of university and a faculty that was anything but creative, the real problems began.

It should be kept in mind that, to be able to express one's Creativity, does not only mean to engage in art, as commonly understood, but also to engage in all those little jobs that engage us and allow us to think of something and then carry it out, in complete freedom, without any obligation of result (this is perhaps the most important aspect of the creative's curative power).

It is creative to be able to cook something we like, to color with colored pens a book we are reading, to keep one's own diary and decorate it, to decorate one's own space according to one's personal taste, even to write a message and fill it with the most diverse emoticons with one's own imagination can be.

mandala creativityUnfortunately, this way of expressing self, and those who are born this way know what I am talking about, is not at all encouraged or understood, and indeed school and society are made precisely to give no voice to this kind of talent; on the contrary, they are structured in favor of another logical-rational approach. The creative subject immediately finds a wall and the more he grows, the more the wall goes up in the outside world, in school as well as at work.

In a society made up of appearances, if you are a professional but keep colorful puppets on your desk you are not taken seriously, and I say this with full knowledge of the facts because I have found serious problems at work, even to the point of the most ruthless bullying, because of my unconventional ways of showing up. If you are not gray and serious you are not taken seriously. Certainly every environment has its own canons of decency and decorum and those it is smart and right to respect but, just showing too much color in a public office results in mistrust if not derision.
Over time, however, I have learned instead that austerity, which common thought is synonymous with trustworthiness, more often than not, hides only an arid and uncurious heart.

Even the way we express ourselves and the tone of voice, if you don't keep it within those standards that are considered serious and professional it penalizes us. If you do not use imminent disaster tones you are taken less seriously have you noticed?
Look at the way most schools, doctors, places of worship, hospitals look--gray, white and neon lights predominate that just looking at them causes immediate fear and depression.

The cells of our body and our immune system are not separate from the effects these messages cause, and denying ourselves creativity produces a cascade of substances that absolutely work against the immune system itself by undermining our health.

"The man who cannot create wants to destroy," said Erich From.
I would add that when he cannot create he suffers so much that he ends up destroying himself; the autoimmune process of cells has its origin precisely in these unconscious mechanisms, but it is up to us through awareness to bring them to light by trying to take the path backwards so that we can regain ourselves and our health.
We will come back to this very important topic again and explore it further.

For now I advise you to recover your creative attitude as soon as possible, allow your Soul to breathe. This openness of the heart will be one of the most powerful drugs without contraindications that will make you well again.

So it was for me

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