N-acetylcysteine: valuable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecule.

sense of time N-acetilcisteina: preziosa molecola antiossidante e antinfiammatoria.

What is Nac (N-acetylcysteine )?

With this article we begin a series of insights devoted to different substances that have a direct and important effect on inflammation and pain.

We know that the inflammatory process underlies all diseases of the immune system and the processes that also lead to the formation of the so-called oncological terrain.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC), is a valuable molecule antioxidant e anti-inflammatory, which surely each of us has taken unknowingly because it has existed for years as an over-the-counter medication.


Who among us is not familiar with Fluimucil or has not already used it for coughs as a mucolytic? Did you know that Fluimucil (sold as an over-the-counter drug used as a mucolytic to treat respiratory diseases) is nothing but N-acetylcysteine?

I remember being advised to take Fluimucil a few years ago at the beach after a bad sunburn, and I noticed that I was already much better the next day. Later on, searching in medical date banks, and in groups dedicated to health, for remedies that would help me regress my autoimmune disease, I came across Nac itself; moreover, the immunologist who followed me, and with whom I was delving deeper and agreeing on the therapies to be done, prescribed me drips that along with a mix of other antioxidants contained precisely N-acetylcysteine.

In fact, to bring my autoimmune disease up to remission, I resorted to many antioxidants in addition to Nac, which I then continued to take by mouth in cycles, such as vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, beta-carotene, epigallocatechin-3-gallate and many others, among other practices I tried...

From there I began to investigate and delve into this molecule with extraordinary properties.

fluimucil 600

About Fluimucil, as with any other product, it is very useful to read well the ingredients content, often, in fact, the information on the package is partial and can be misleading; if we go deeper, we see that Fluimucil contains not only the active ingredient N-acetylcysteine (600mg) but also other components such as aspartame and sorbitol, which it is preferable to avoid, especially if you have to take it for a long period.

There is still too little knowledge and mistrust in using substances such as N-acetylcysteine that, instead, can be of great help in acute situations but also important to prevent the onset of many health problems.

When I was desperately looking for a protocol that could help me with the severe rheumatic problem that I suffered for so many years and the only prospect was chemotherapy drugs, I studied day and night to find a solution; I discovered that the magic pill does not exist but there are a number of substances that in synergy can really lead you to regain health and well-being. One of them is precisely Nac.

Where to find the N-acetylcysteine

Within the section of Wellnessere dedicated to the products I have tested and used I wanted to create my own catalog to make it easier for you to find products, there you will also find those that in my experience and that of many other people are really good effective and safe. https://wellnessere.com/tag-prodotto/nac/

Overseas for many years it has been one of the remedies that the most successful doctors in integrated therapies always include in their protocols, for example, Dr. Mark Hyman, recommends it because it helps the body stay healthy and young, having great properties in supporting glutathione metabolism and controlling cellular redox balance, it is very active in preserving and supporting the mitochondria.


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By now, integrated medicine physicians in Italy, who help patients with major cancer and inflammatory diseases every year, also treat this substance:

Artoi - The Association for Research in Integrated Cancer Therapies (A.R.T.O.I.) - also devotes a very interesting article with an extensive Bibliography just on Nac:



N-Acetylcysteine as an antidote to paracetamol

L'Nacetylcysteine is theantidote For acetaminophen intoxication (paracetamol). This drug is a precursor of Glutathione, reduces toxicity of'acetaminophen (paracetamol), by increasing hepatic glutathione stores and through other mechanisms

If the blood paracetamol level is high, acetylcysteine is usually given orally or intravenously to reduce the toxicity of paracetamol. Acetylcysteine is given repeatedly, for one or more days. This antidote serves to prevent liver injury but does not resolve the damage that has already occurred. Therefore, acetylcysteine should be administered prior to liver injury.

N-Acetylcysteine, a valuable antioxidant against Covid

Before the Covid-19 pandemic we rarely heard about it, then some enlightened doctors started mentioning it, now everyone is trying to incorporate it because it has proven to be an important weapon to prevent and treat the inflammatory state related to the virus.

In the Blog we have already discussed molecules that are very active in the prevention and treatment of covid-19 in other article:


High levels of f TNF-ɑ, IL1β, IL6, IL10 are associated with the most severe cases of SARS-CoV-2: these cytokines and an antigenic hyper-stimulation are potentially responsible for a poor response to the virus.

In vitro and in vivo animal model trials as well as human clinical trials have shown that NAC produced inhibition of some inflammatory cytokines such as TNFα, IL-1β and IL-6 in activated macrophages, and downregulation of IL-10 mRNA, which further contributes to changes in the inflammatory cytokine profile; also shown to be able to restore glutathione stores and increase the proliferative response of T cells, decrease the NLRP3 (IL1β and IL18) pathway in vitro, and decrease plasma TNF-ɑ: these data taken together encourage us to use NAC as a valuable therapeutic support in the course of therapy for COVID-19.

Recent in vivo studies in animal and human models have shown that NAC is able to break sulfur bonds at the level of ACE2 receptors, the binding site for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that allows its anchoring and subsequent intracellular invasion, completely compromising the possibility of forming a virus-cell bond and crucially affecting the severity of the disease itself.


The latest frontier in the use of the NAcetylcysteine: helping those with vaccine damage

After a year of the vaccine campaign, there are now too many people reporting major damage reported as a result of the anticovid vaccine, also to ameliorate these very complex clinical pictures this substance is giving much hope and is being used by enlightened physicians who are in these difficult months helping and giving hope to so many patients. We will return to this topic, which deserves an in-depth discussion.



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