Can it really be healed?

sense of time Si può guarire davvero?

"Will I be able to heal or not?"

This was the question that bounced around in my mind from morning to night, especially in the worst of times, and the more I heard myself saying that doing so was not possible, the more, being stubborn and very determined in my goals, I worked to make it happen, even if I did not know how or when.
If, for so long, you hear a certain version of the facts repeated to you, it is difficult, subsequently, to be able to go against it, especially when the people who tell you this are people whose job it is to study this very sensitive subject.

Some diseases, in addition to being defined as having "unknown etiology," are also defined as chronic and incurable because that is what so-called "official science" believes and judges.

On the definition of the latter there would be much to write about, but let us limit ourselves to taking at face value what has been handed down to us as the dominant thought.

Do you have any idea what emotional damage and relationship provoke certain judgments, often pronounced lightly and sufficiently, by professionals who, often, are called expert "luminaries" in their field?

Over the years, as I tried hard to understand how researchers in the medical field acted, I realized that, many times, official therapies are doomed to fail for the simple reason that they apply the same treatment protocol to the same diagnosis, but forget a fundamental difference, namely that each person is different from the other and that, most importantly, the exact same symptoms have causes and origins different from each other.
Treating by serial, cold, photocopied protocols every case with the same diagnosis is the wrong starting point that will lead to so many treatment failures.

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By reading many testimonies, both in Italy and the rest of the world, I got the idea that in the abstract there are no incurable diseases, indeed, in the abstract they are all curable if caught in time, before they have done irrecoverable damage to the organs, only that, in practice, means are used to "fight them" that cannot fit and work for all individuals in the same way, without then taking into account the fact that most therapies have side effects equal to or heavier than the symptoms they aim to cure.

Perhaps it is precisely communicating to a person who has an "incurable disease" that makes it so because, in this way, those who are sick become discouraged to the point of losing the will to fight and live and, therefore, give up.
I have tried many times to share it with more or less enlightened doctors but I cannot say that I have had much satisfaction and listening.

The more curious ones said that, in fact, the causes were always different and individualized but that there was no concrete possibility ( or will?) to investigate so we went by trial and error, ending up applying the same protocol to everyone. In the case of Crohn's disease diagnosis they were proposing Infliximab to me, instead for rheumatologic disease Methotrexate ( and biological drugs (Embrel).

This is the reason why I created the Facebook group called "Of Autoimmune Disease You Can Heal" and this Blog of mine, because I want to reconstruct, as in a mosaic, each piece that, during several years, made me understand what the triggers were for me, so that they are useful and inspirational for those who read; I would like to share the message that at the base of everything is not the miracle remedy or copying and pasting a protocol that worked great for me.

Underlying it all lies the message that, only with a great deal of effort on your part in understanding the causes (whether physical or emotional or spiritual) that led to an illness, can it be removed, and the enlightened physician, if you are fortunate and persistent enough to seek and find him or her, will help you but can never replace you in describing and decoding what you feel and what happened to you ( e.g., psychological or physical trauma) before everything was triggered and led to the diagnosis, whatever it may be.
All this, I would always like to remind myself, is neither an invitation to go untreated nor to go it alone but is a heartfelt incitement for everyone to relentlessly investigate and research the true causes and dismantle them, instead of surrendering to final and inauspicious judgments and to medicine that, more often than not, merely silences the symptoms.

Below I recommend some of the many books that have helped me on my journey:


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