Dr. Mozzi unfairly attacked by La7's Piazzapulita.

sense of time Il Dott. Mozzi attaccato ingiustamente da Piazzapulita de La7

With almost systematic cadence, and unfortunately it is happening more and more often, news reports come out that try to discredit doctors and health professionals who have written books adored by so many patients because they have been helped by them where others had for years failed or made their health worse.

These doctors are only guilty of not following the so-called official protocols. They are guilty of having the courage to passionately study and pursue avenues of therapy different from those taught in university textbooks.

Often, these physicians, came to apply these kinds of approaches because they were disappointed with traditional treatments that did not solve their patients' health problems.
In most cases, these professionals genuinely care about people's health, and instead of giving them the therapies of traditional protocols, which are approximate and ineffective, they try to help them, first and foremost, with advice on the diet and lifestyle regimen they need to follow to treat and resolve their conditions.

Since both Mozzi and other doctors who treat through diet, are Doctors indeed, and do so by profession and vocation, one can hardly dispute them that they cannot give dietary regimens, since it is their prerogative precisely to do that as well.

If the ones giving the diets are personal trainers or journalists, doubt might also arise but, if a doctor helps you with a particular diet what is there that you have to reproach him?
Why don't you instead inquire how much ordinary doctors know about nutrition and how in-depth and well-known nutrition is a subject in the various medical colleges?

In La7's Piazza pulita report, Dr. Mozzi is challenged in an unprofessional and arrogant manner by Prof. Enzo Bonora who appeals to scientific theories, without citing any sources, about the importance of grains (I would love to understand what he means by scientific articles). I would really like to see how many people this famous Prof. Bonora has healed!
Piazzapulita's report is outrageous to the detriment of Dr. Mozzi, confusing viewers' ideas and is edited to somberly make the doctor react in an understandably annoyed manner to the point of losing his temper after he repeatedly urged the operator not to film him.

The people Mozzi has helped and even healed are many and the testimonies are there and they are true, timely and numerous, they are flesh and blood people who talk about him on TV and in themed groups on social media, so I would say that it is time when we have to stop hiding behind certainties based only on hearsay and not on real knowledge of nutrition and how the human body works.

I would never have wanted to have seen the insistence with which the journalists press him to the point of losing their patience and do it on purpose for him to react. This is a way of doing journalism of very low quality and extremely unfair considering also Dr. Mozzi's venerable age and his jovial character that he would never have raised the tone if they had not blatantly pressed and pestered him in an unseemly and aggressive manner. If you want to talk about something serious if anything, bring, rather, testimonies if there are any, of patients harmed by the blood group diet. No there aren't.

The same certainly cannot be said of these academics who, trumpeting their professorships, ruin more people than you can count by now, ignoring any kind of relationship between disease and diet, indeed often asserting that what one eats has nothing to do with diseases such as diabetes.

In any case, what remains important is that Mozzi has been helping so many people for years with his diet and advice, instead the arrogance and arrogance of the usual academics who entrench themselves behind phantom scientific articles for now have never helped anyone, if anything, they have made chronic diseases solvable with wrong dietary arrangements.

Get well informed and do not be misled by these storm troopers and luminaries who have never opened a serious nutrition book.

What's more, in the service, they confuse the so-called Paleolithic diet with the blood group diet, an egregious error for any culture of a minimum notion of nutrition, let alone an expert as the interviewed doctor should be.

Dear Prof. Bonora, I invite you, before it is too late, to study and learn from Dr. Mozzi as well instead of speaking only because he has academic titles, making himself strong behind his desk where he feels protected by a system that rewards the arrogant and penalizes those who really know things.

Full support to Dr. Piero Mozzi and we hope that these sad and useless TV reports will later refrain from disturbing the doctor from exercising, in full possession of his faculties, his studies on diet and medicine.



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