Truth and Justice. Personal reflection on coronavirus.

sense of time Verità e Giustizia. Riflessione personale sul coronavirus.

Truth and Justice have never been abstract ideals for me but I have always felt them to be part of my DNA and I have and chased them at the cost of hurting myself and often running out of energy because I have often clashed with a reality that went in a completely different direction.

When one of them was missing I immediately went into alarm. Although, because of my health and aptitudes, it was by no means a sensible choice to major in law, doing so was only consistent with this need of mine.

Abstractly in college one studied precisely to analyze and to know of every human situation the truth and consequently obtain justice. In theory ... Then in practice it becomes much more complicated, in fact, my soul needs made me change my path from the one that would have flowed directly from that course of study and I preferred another path.

But it remains imprinted in my way of reasoning this dual track of continuous search for Truth and Justice, and it is even more important at this moment in history that is radically changing the lives and futures of all of us even though, perhaps out of fear, no one is really aware of what is really happening and what lies ahead.

We have witnessed the clash between more or less conspiracy and conventional theories, optimists and pessimists, on following the ideas of one virologist rather than another, everything has been said, read and heard. From those who deny that there is even any virus and that it is all a fabrication to those who believe that the virus is not a coincidence but something more, to be clarified even at the international level.

The best way to really get to know the reality is to have it told directly by live people who have been touched, in what way, by the effects of the coronavirus. I have been doing this for almost two months now. Not out of curiosity about other people's intimate lives, but out of a thirst for truth. Thanks to the web (not to the news that if artfully edited can distort the reality of the facts) and especially to some thematic social groups (see in particular the facebook group "We will denounce" ) you read dozens of direct and cutting testimonies recounting what has happened, is happening, and hopefully will end as soon as possible.

Many people tell of their parents but also their siblings or spouse who often do not make it after contracting the coronavirus and leave very quickly getting worse overnight, even without, apparently, having had very significant and alarming symptoms.

It is painful to read direct testimonies from those affected but it is the only sure way to understand well and protect ourselves, if possible, by doing prevention. For example, I was very affected by the passing of this man who was only 51 years old and passed away within a week:

It would be important to have a good understanding of the personal characteristics and life habits of those who did not make it; perhaps we could derive useful information about who affects the most and why they do so. Understanding this would allow us to delve deeper into the topic of the "prevention" , fundamental but neglected on this occasion as well as the rest of the health problems. 

Certainly all the doctors and health care workers who died had a higher exposure to the virus in terms of viral load concentration. Therefore, all social distancing measures are necessary and imperative to contain the spread of infection. 

In the Facebook group "Of autoimmune disease you can heal "which I have been administering for two years now, given the very sensitive issue we deal with in our community, for this emergency I have always tried to maintain a climate as serene as possible but realistic since the beginning of the epidemic, and I have been helped by all the members of the group who have followed me and supported me in this choice, for which I thank them all one by one.

They have shown utmost cooperation and maturity in dealing in serious and respectful ways with hot topics such as vaccines for the virus, which are often, instead, dealt with too superficially not only on social media but also in news reports of all kinds. We in the group reflect together without clashing really trying to understand what is right decide for our health in the face of what we are seeing happening around us, despite ourselves.

We are a small drop in the ocean but we also have our role and value in distinguishing between truth and something that instead leads away from it.


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