Patience, checkmate nervousness in 8 moves

sense of time Pazienza, scacco matto al nervosismo in 8 mosse

Patience,  Treccani definition: "Disposition of mind, habitual or current, congenital to one's character or effect of will and self-control, to accept and endure with tranquility, moderation, resignation, without reacting violently, the pain, evil, inconvenience, harassment of others, the contrarieties of life in general " And again, "Endure, endure without complaint and never wavering“.
I believe these are the main reasons why patience is called a virtue.

In the chaos of the world, calmness is becoming a forgotten virtue. It is important to teach patience if you can and especially you should learn how to have it if you don't have it.
Taking a moment in the day and carefully considering how we react to each situation helps build a person's character and decision-making skills, and in the end you will definitely have positive results.

It does not come easily but comes naturally with time, so little practiced it is nevertheless very necessary at any given time to help us cope with life more easily. When things get tough, many people seek easier and smoother paths hoping to avoid anger, nervousness, pain and suffering that seem too difficult to handle at first, but it is through these trials that we gain the experience needed to develop our character.

Patience also helps us to see beyond ourselves and to see the needs of the people around us. It does not always guarantee immediate reward and does not allow us to see what will happen in the long run, but it definitely helps us lead healthier lives in all respects.

Patience is a virtue of maturity that everyone would do well to master; there are many ways to improve it, below we will look at some of them.


8 ways to improve patience

Accepting who we are

The development of this virtue begins with the realization that no one is perfect, including yourself and other people you encounter in your daily life.
So accept and appreciate that we are all human! Everyone has their own inner demons or fears about this or that matter and situation. It is these little things that make us who we are.

Even if you really strive to be the best version of you, surely there will always be better people than you could be and vice versa. By accepting imperfections as inevitable, it is much more likely that people will tolerate each other and learn forgiveness when they have disagreements. However, one must always try to have a good body-mind balance To be clear-headed and more confident.

Being kind

One of the best ways to start developing the art of patience is to emanate kindness and calm in your own way toward others as this will not only make you feel much better, but will reflect on the people around you in a positive way.

Reflecting on progress

Take a few minutes each day to stop what you are doing and think about how far you have come in life and what achievements are yet to come. Realize that everyone is on some sort of journey toward self-awareness and progress. It can be motivating to know that others around you are going through the exact same struggles, and it can be instructive if you have the humility to see or ask them how they are doing if they have faster progress than you do.

Being consistent

It is important to always have a consistent philosophy of life so that situations that arise do not catch you off guard or confuse others because of your unusual behavior. When faced with a decision, it can sometimes be difficult to take the right path, especially when the outcome is tempting. Having clear and defined values helps you make decisions quickly because in the end what matters is not whether the decision will turn out to be good or bad in the future, but rather ensuring that although people may have different values, you are always acting with your consistency and integrity, so even if you are wrong be patient!

Living now and looking ahead

Past and future are not always what they seem. Try to change your past perspective on any mistakes you have made by focusing on your successes rather than negativity. Likewise, be optimistic about what awaits you in the future; one day at a time. That said, I would like to remind you that dwelling too much on the past prevents you from focusing on what you can do to enjoy your life now, in the present and make changes if necessary, remember that it is never too late to change things. Don't worry about anything else, by being patient and working on the present you will see future results soon enough.

Facing fears

It is extremely important to face your fears rather than avoid them. If you are faced with a situation that terrifies you, you need to know that with practice and patience you will have less fear (for example, how to practice speaking in front of an audience), make sure you do those things you fear so that they no longer present themselves as a stressful or anxiety-provoking thing. One way to overcome this fear is to do the thing you fear most. Putting yourself in situations where you know there is bound to be an awkward moment is one of the best ways to overcome this anxiety.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "What we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not because the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do it has increased." If you stop doing what scares you, then it will become harder to do and eventually become scary again.

Don't be in a hurry

Impatience is a characteristic that often makes us feel undervalued. How would you react if you were patient? Be honest with yourself: would your life be the same if you used patience more in everyday life? Try doing small things first! The ability to wait our turn for example shows that we are willing to respect someone else's time, maybe try giving up your seat too...if practiced consistently, some exercises can develop a quality as admirable as being patient.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have probably heard that patience is an important entrepreneurial virtue. If we can learn anything from Tibetan monks, it is their mantra of peace and calm. Then probably to live a successful, productive and happy life we need to become more patient with ourselves and others. Getting to this point initially might seem to take longer than expected, but it is important to realize that waiting to make decisions is often better than quickly choosing something that might end up hurting you in the long run. Slow down then, writing down on paper your thoughts and the options you have might help you.

Having confidence

Finally I want to remind you that not everything will probably happen as you imagined, there may be obstacles in your way, who hasn't had any? Things, situations, people often change unexpectedly, so don't be discouraged or stressed by unforeseen circumstances, be ready. You must trust yourself and stay positive to achieve your goals. Take it easy, don't give up.


In spite of good intentions sometimes nervousness and then anger might get the upper hand and therefore one should know how to handle them in order to discharge in the right ways.
We will delve into anger management in a future article but in the meantime try to let go of all the anxiety about achieving your goal hastily and remind yourself that in most cases it will take time. Take a deep breath and keep things in perspective, it takes patience!


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