Gratitude: the Gift we give to ourselves.

sense of time La Gratitudine: il Dono che facciamo a noi stessi.

Gratitude is a deep and powerful emotion that prompts us to recognize and appreciate the people, situations, and circumstances that enrich our lives.

"I am grateful to all those people who said No. Thanks to them I made it on my own" (Wayne Dyer)

From an early age, among the first words we are taught to pronounce is the word "thank you"; I have been reflecting on this seemingly obvious detail just these days, and I also recalled that I was often invited to say "thank you" when, otherwise, on some occasions, almost as if to remove myself from embarrassment, I would more easily answer, "no" out of shyness or fear of others' judgment.

It is typical of some very introverted children to want something but not have the courage to ask for it and, even, to reject what is generously offered, so as not to feel worthy of being able to receive a gift, whether large or symbolic.

Many of us start from a view of life that is not marked by the gratitude for what we have but to "lack" for what we do not have; thus we can often slip into real states of depression or anguish, repressed anger and lack of self-esteem; this renunciatory attitude leads to complaining instead of seeking reasons for satisfaction and joy in one's existence.

When we start from a state of deep gratitude and appreciation for what we have in life we can create even more for ourselves and others, and we can access an inner well-being that cannot be bought anywhere and cannot be found anywhere but in ourselves. Only if we are able to notice the abundance and wealth we already have can we then recognize it when it is offered to us by the Universe. If we do not see it in our lives it will be impossible to recognize it in the future, perpetuating only lack.

When my life lacked one of the most important parts for me as a human being, namely the ability to move independently on my own two feet, I spent terrible years cursing and despairing.

I continued in this way for several years until one day, now accustomed to moving for long stretches in a wheelchair, I began to get used to the idea that perhaps I would no longer be able to walk with my legs, and then something happened inside me. I was in Milan, it was December, and already the city was full of lights, so instead of despairing over my state and lack of it, I began to appreciate what I could still do with my senses, which was to see the colors, the decorations, and to listen, laugh, talk, and more, all details that I had taken for granted until then.

From there something unlocked, I began to replace my constant despair with the practice of "gratitude."


To be grateful for everything good each day I could see, hear and even imagine, and it was from that day that my inner healing process also began.

I realized that it had been too easy to expect everything in my life to be the way I wanted it to be and that being grateful when nothing is missing is a given but the real challenge is to be able to be grateful precisely when, what allows us to be happy, does not reach us immediately or, when we lose it.

Starting with small things to be grateful for each day, I initially trained myself to make note of which ones in a day I could jot down by writing them in my notebook. This was my practice for a few months; later being grateful became a spontaneous practice of life, and the more I was grateful, the more Gifts life had in store for me.

Indeed, gratitude enables us to appreciate the people around us and to recognize the value of their contribution to our lives. It makes us feel closer to them and motivates us to do the same for others.

To be grateful therefore does not mean to be content or to stop pursuing our goals, but rather to recognize the positive things that have already happened to us that have brought us this far. It helps us find the strength and motivation to face future challenges with greater confidence and determination.

Gratitude reminds us that life is a precious gift and that we should take care of what we have, appreciate every moment, and do what we can to help make the world a better place. Be grateful for what you have, and keep striving for what you want.

I also invite you to make Gratitude a real life practice, a regular appointment with yourself to be included in your wellness routine.

Try it to believe it!


Over the years, authors such as the Dr. Wayne Dyer of which I leave you with some of the quotes that helped me reflect and change my mindset on the topic of gratitude:

"With respect to everything that has happened to you you can feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is both an opportunity to grow and an obstacle to prevent you from growing. You have to choose."

"Happiness means not complaining about what there is nothing to do about. Complaints are the refuge of those who lack self-confidence."

"Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find."

"There is no dearth of opportunity to live the life you love. There is only a dearth of determination to make it happen."

"Enjoying life is far superior to being evaluated on your performance in life."

"Every morning, looking at the day for the first time, you have the choice to say, 'Good morning, God' or 'Good morning, it's daytime' "



I conclude with a quote from Dr. Filippo Ongaro.

which introduces a topic closely related to the theme of "Gratitude" namely that of accepting the present moment and what it has to offer us:

"Accepting the uncertainty of existence extinguishes fear and allows one to experience more fully all that life has to offer". (Philip Ongaro)

Staying grounded in reality and fully accepting it allows us both to center ourselves on the gratitude is to dissolve the inner blocks caused by our recurring thoughts of lack, only then can we free ourselves from a rigid and obsessive mind and begin to converse positively with our unconscious and make being grateful a Gift that we give to ourselves every day.




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