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sense of time Prevenzione antinfettiva grazie al Metodo Di Bella

The virus that has been holding Italy and the rest of the world in check for months has sparked debate on both how to prevent it and whether a vaccine is possible, but more importantly, much has been discussed about possible cures for sick patients and for various drugs that, over the weeks, have been used to save patients in serious condition.

There has been a lack of true and timely information from doctors and the authorities in charge of doing so about the possibilities of preventing the virus by taking substances that go to strengthen and heal our immune system, which is and remains the most important defense against all kinds of infection and disease.

Here he is among the few doctors who are talking about antiviral prevention and helping us understand how to strengthen our immune system to protect us from Coronavirus was Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella during his latest appearance on Telecolor's Green Team show.

Telecolor video of Dr. Di Bella from May 6 censored

During the May 6, 2020 episode of "The Specials of Medicina Amica," Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella, from his office in Bologna, interviewed by the very talented Chiara Delogu, talks about anti-infective prevention with the Di Bella Method and common anti-infective molecules that can help us maintain health, particularly the lysozyme. Although the broadcast went live more than a month ago, it is only today that I am able to write the article because, unfortunately, Youtube with its inexplicable censorship, blacked out the video of the episode a few days after it was published, and interested parties had to re-upload the video on the page.


Are there similarities between the anti-infective molecules and the anti-cancer molecules of Di Bella Multitherapy?

The di Bella Method in addition to biological multitherapy used in cancer prevention also finds application in infectious diseases and is based on solid scientific evidence and clinical findings (also extensively documented on the Di Bella Method website itself ).

Citizens faced with Covid19 are in confusion, and the media have fueled this fear and confusion by giving contradictory and fragmented reports from the very beginning about the real scope of the virus but especially about the possibilities for the individual citizen to be able to use useful substances to prevent infection and disease.

In this confusing landscape being able to "access validated and official international scientific information," Dr. Di Bella says, "is important, and it is possible to do so by consulting global biomedical databases 'such as Pubmed and Researchgate


Lysozyme as an antiviral

Lysozyme, low-cost substance, it acts in multiple ways, it has not only an anti-infective mechanism but a series of mechanisms. Immunity is an enormously complex system, we can imagine it as a system of defense barriers, a series of lines of defense; the first line of defense is the physical so-called tegumental, the first barrier of defense cells is the skin. Tegumental epithelia (the skin) communicate with the outside, and there are also interruptions, the eye, the nose, the respiratory tract, the digestive tract, the urogenital tract.

"These, which are in contact with the outside, are equipped with peculiar defense mechanisms because they regulate the impact with the outside. This first line of defense (eye-nose-mouth) is made up of epithelial cells to be truly powerful as defense barriers they must be intact i.e., they must not have breaches, they must not have solutions of continuity"; this continuity of them is directly proportional to the rate of retinoids we have in our blood. Hence the enormous and vital importance of this substance, powerful anti-cancer agents because they have cell membrane receptors and they have "nuclear receptors," that is, they are able to activate powerful ANTITUMOR reactions in the body; but these themselves are responsible for the integrity of the first line of defense which is fundamental. Dr. DI Bella specifies, "But not only does this line of defense have specialized areas; as in the conjunctiva and the eye there are a whole series of lacrimal glands that are very rich (not surprisingly!!) in lysozyme, one of the reasons why the eye, despite being in contact with the outside world, is one of the organs that get infected less than the others, is precisely the presence of lysozyme."

Another important line of defense, on the other hand, is defensins (special molecules) and phospholipases, which are surface enzyme chains that, together with lysozyme, make the environment hostile for germs. If we talk about the nose, the same thing applies, the mucus in the nose is very rich in lysozyme, even more so the salivary glands.

Lysozyme, as an antibacterial, has an extremely broad effect on various types of germs, for example, it has a powerful effect on some deadly protozoa such as syphilis. The spirochete of syphilis in contact with lysozyme is dissolved completely.

If we look at a virus from the influenza group c.d. rhinoviruses (remember that there are seven viruses in the coronavirus group), these viruses have common denominators namely an acidic interior and an extremely thin defense membrane (they are not like the capsule of bacteria that is very thick and tough); lysozyme therefore on viruses has an even more powerful effect because it has to overcome a thinner membrane and then on viruses it acts with multiple mechanisms than it does on bacteria. On bacteria it acts as a surface charge in synergy with lactoferrin (milk serum-protein that also has a germicidal and anti-cancer mechanism), together they have a formidable anti-infective synergism! Looking under the microscope, if we put a virus in contact with lysozyme, it makes like a balloon pierced by a pin, i.e., it bursts, because the membrane is thin; lysozyme is a strongly basic enzyme that activates a series of chemical reactions and, through the enzymatic mechanism, goes on to agglutinate, floculate and lyse the virus wall. It also functions in the urogenital tract, which is also rich in lysozyme. An immune deficiency is also reflected in recurrent urogenital infections precisely because of the presence or absence of adequate lysozyme. It acts on a large amount of both gram-positive and negative bacteria, on protozoa, on a large amount of why should I not use lysozyme?

It costs little and is totally free of contraindications-in fact, there is no danger of either overdose or toxicity. What is the multiple mechanism of lysozyme? Immunity is divided into innate (natural) immunity and adaptive immunity and into humoral or liquid immunity and corpuscular immunity; in addition to the first physical barrier we mentioned (epithelium with the mucus ciliary barrier rich in lysozyme) a bacterium must also overcome the attack of the second line of immunity.

The vibratile cilia of the epithelium that start from the nose and reach the bronchi have synchronous vibrations that ward off germs.

Dr. Di Bella reminds us that key substances for this defense system are:

They all have a vital role that is also common with anti-tumor defenses, because the respiratory chain ( oxidoreduction state) "passes" by all these substances; retinoids, in particular, are an anti-tumor potency because at the receptor level, both membrane and nucleus, they have receptors that play an important anti-tumor action but they also play a multiple vital action not only on the first barrier but also on the production of immunoglobulins i.e. they go to activate the second defense barrier which is that of the so-called "innate" immunity. It is the one that faces the attack of a virus that has crossed the first barrier. The immune response is set up in such a way as to challenge the ability of microbes to reproduce, to migrate, to invade the organism, on this second innate barrier there is a fundamental presence of lysozyme because it activates a very important component of humoral immunity so-called liquid immunity which is represented by the "complement"; without the latter, immunity would not exist. The "complement" consists of about 30 proteins that are in the serum and can be activated and or not by lysozyme. Lysozyme is one of the activators of complement, that is, it senses and mobilizes complement to defend the organism; but this activation is dual because it has, at the same time, an anti-infectious role and an anti-tumor role. This complement activation allows me to intervene as quickly as possible.

This is the so-called innate immunity. The other one, on the other hand, is "adaptive immunity," it's the one that builds the tailor-made suit to eliminate that specific germ, and it's a more powerful and specific, peculiar effect, but this one intervenes only if the innate one has started first. So if the innate immunity doesn't work well consequently this is also reflected on the "adaptive" immunity, so also for this level we understand the key role played by lysozyme.


Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella after mentioning, rightly so, that at the level of scientific circles-say, official ones-there is much aversion to recognizing efficacy of this substance, which does not explain why there has been so much demand for lysozyme in recent months that all stocks have been exhausted. Recall that there was a question in the Senate done by senators from the mixed group who asked the reason for the great interest why large quantities of lysozyme were ordered by a ministerial body, a question that then disappeared.

Pharmacies that prepared it as a galenic found themselves totally out of stock because its demand was huge and exceeded production.

Meanwhile, Dr. Di Bella recalls that his latest book is having great success and circulation, being the best-selling book on cancer prevention.

The Antitumor Choice
Prevention, drug therapy and lifestyle

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Every statement in the book finds its counterpart and confirmation in world databases (whose existence is often ignored unfortunately! ed.).

These treatment concepts are nothing more than the transfer into the clinic of physiology; "biochemistry and molecular biology cannot be disproven," Dr. Di Bella clarifies. Di Bella's multi-therapy is the transfer to the clinic/cure of the basic data of "physiology"-reiterates the Doctor, meaning "chemistry" and "biochemistry"-and aims to bring back to normal cellular reactions deviated by cancer or infection. "These reactions deviated by different causes I have to bring them back to normalcy i.e., to physiology because I have to start and return to physiology. The reactions of our organism are endless and I cannot know them all but the basic concepts of metabolism we know, we have to refer to these as a doctor and not to the turnover of Multinationals." As a physician, says the Doctor, "I have to follow ethics, the Hippocratic concept, scientific evidence-based medicine, based on worldwide date banks and the clinical experience of colleagues and myself." This is being disregarded. "The most dangerous drift we are heading for is precisely this i.e. disregarding these data and relying on bureaucrats (doctors researchers etc...who impose guidelines)."

People need to be increasingly clear that those who state these different views face problems and intimidation.


 Plasma therapy

According to Dr. Di Bella it is the most logical, simplest and most immediate therapy that can be done, which is why it is unfortunately disputed. It is simplest because the Coronavirus responsible for the current epidemic (which let us remember belongs to one of the seven of the Coronavirus group) has a particular characteristic i.e., it is constantly changing (proof of this is the fact that the famous flu vaccines do not give me any guarantee of being protected from the flu virus). They are respiratory viruses characterized by high mutability that is, its genetic makeup is not fixed (it is not like the polio virus so if you get the vaccine, the virus is stable and you have an antibody memory that covers you for life). In these cases a vaccine gives no guarantee that it will give coverage, so at the first mutation the vaccine no longer protects.

The hyper-immune serum has a high set of antibodies specific for that virus and if I use this with all the necessary precautions (before administering it I have to check that the serum is pure i.e. does not contain other viruses such as AIDS, hepatitis, etc.). Remember that, for a long time, abroad (not in Italy unfortunately!) they have been using immunoglobulins, which immediately provide proteins that act on the immune system, although they are not specific, it gives a powerful help, they provide a series of proteins that intervene precisely in the immune mechanisms mentioned above (innate immunity is greatly enhanced). These are also prepared with all precautions to prevent them from containing infections.

Having a hyper-immune serum (i.e., full of antibodies) directed precisely against the virus, which caused this covid-19 pandemic, is very important; the results they have had in the various hospitals, starting particularly in Mantua, are extraordinary, even surprising. It is obvious that plasma works, just reasoning: if the germ produces antibodies, using plasma is the quick solution that would have prevented an aggravation of the pandemic situation and would have avoided blocking our country by destroying its backbone, without having to wait and hope for a hypothetical future vaccine.

Antibodies are proteins, they are antibodies against the virus, so it's mathematical that they work! With genetic engineering, with recombinant DNA they can make them and you don't risk infecting anybody.

In the natural course of the physiology of immunity, it is obvious that a germ gives me antibodies, I isolate them, administer them, and eliminate the germ; it works as quickly as possible even if the virus mutates, there will be people who will produce antibodies that are adapted to the change of the virus.


The role of stress

Unfortunately, sources say of so-called "official" science downplay the role of stress, proving to go against indisputable factual data.

Stress, as an indisputable fact, gives me an important endocrine response i.e., "hormonal." First, prolactin increases, at the hypothalamic level ACTH increases, which produces cortisol (cortisone). The latter is well known to have a powerful immune-depressant effect.

Another effect of stress is a very high peak of prolactin. The higher this is the more it goes to inhibit the effect of natural killers, which are real "tanks" against infections, lymphatic-type cells that are very powerful in eliminating microbes (and they also act against tumors). That is why if the mobilization of these cells is reduced infections explode. On the other hand, with stress, we said that prolactin increases, which has an action on GnRh (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) that is hypothalamic regulation of gonadotropins, this causes estrogen to be lowered. If estrogen is lowered a multiple and documented defense mechanism results lowered (one of the reasons women get less sick is precisely because women are protected by estrogen, estrogen protects because it is the seat of the transmission of life) . Estrogen also has an important immune function, but with prolactin too high it decreases because it blocks its precursor.

Why did we talk about the correlation between infectious immunity and cancer immunity?

Immunity does not compartmentalize, it is a unique interactive context and eliminates everything that undermines health to maintain homeostasis. Tumor cells signal in our body the presence of danger, so the tumor cell gives me antibodies against the cells and at the same time gives me mobilization of the corpuscular part, it has an amount of cells that intervene depending on the tumors, the body; but in order to intervene, innate immunity must be able to make it intervene, and innate immunity works with the substances we have already recalled: vitamin C, vitamin D, retinoids, vitamin E; moreover, there is a huge literature on the enormous, and still underestimated, importance of vitamin D in relation to immunity. Vitamin D has a key anti-cancer role; it has nuclear receptors co-expressed with retinoids and melatonin. What this means. On the surface of the cell membrane that protects the code of life (DNA), the genetic information, there are receptors sensitive to vitamin D. This, together with retinoids and melatonin, goes to regulate the center that expresses oncogenic or onco-suppressor genes. It regulates in an antitumor function the DNA itself. Vitamin D itself has genes that are co-expressed, they are like hooks that allow an immune cell to attack and destroy microbes. The function of these cells whether they are natural killer or macrophages and their ability to recognize and destroy the germ has a gender homology with vitamin D, it then enables natural killer cells to intervene in its defense functions. It plays a key role because it enables the activation of this set of corpuscular defenses. This is why the elderly person who gets little sun exposure and produces less vitamin D is more prone to infections.

There are many vitamin D products, but you have to pay attention to blood calcemia if you supplement it.


For the cancer patient, what expedients do you recommend?

First, the intake of lysozyme for an immunocompromised patient. If the cancer patient is already taking Di Bella multitherapy molecules at this delicate stage, he or she may be protected precisely because this therapy is immunity-friendly and simultaneously acts powerfully on replication proliferation and migration of cancer cells. It is no coincidence that we speak, with regard to cancer cells, of adaptive mutability. As there is adaptive immunity, not surprisingly, there is adaptive mutability of cancer cells, it is deadly, it is the cause of limited results for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Patients are fine for a period after which the cancer cell mutates (comparing it to innate immunity, one could call it its "constitutive mutability"), because due to these therapies the cancer cell expresses its adaptive mutability and for each mutation the cancer cell becomes more aggressive and more resistant.

These substances that intervene by curbing adaptive mutability, interrupting the most insidious mechanism of tumor, a mechanism that invalidates most current countermeasures, while activating immunity, also curb the most dangerous pathway of tumor (retinoids, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, melatonin), for example, melatonin activates interleukin-2, which is important as an anti-infectious but also as an anti-tumor.

These substances curb adaptive mutability but also create the best conditions for an immune system response against infection.

Nasal washes

They are very important because the virus enters through the mucous membranes, so the virus is eliminated mechanically.

Let's talk about salt and water washes. The virus lives in an acidic environment so doing alkaline washes, in addition to mechanically removing it, serves to purify the nose. With a solution of 6 grams of salt and 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate per liter of water at a temperature of 37 degrees I already achieve a cleansing method with a strongly alkaline ph. Gargling with this hypertonic solution also decongests the mucous membranes.


As a reminder, Dr. Di Bella will hold a Webinar today, June 10, 2020, also on this important topic for our health. Event link:


"The dogma of truth if challenged configures a heretic and the heretic should be burned at the stake" Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella.


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