Why eggs are good for you

sense of time Perchè le uova fanno bene

Dr. Piero Mozzi explains why eggs are a noble food and why they are not the cause of the hypercholesterolemia.

The egg contains cholesterol, but the complex cholesterol molecule contained in the egg, when we introduce it with all the digestive processes it is broken down, it is no longer re-assembled as a cholesterol molecule; cholesterol, therefore, we do not manufacture it from eggs but it is manufactured from grains, especially grains that contain gluten, which explains why many vegetarians have high cholesterol.

Contrary to what is commonly heard, cholesterol does not come from egg consumption nor from fat but from the consumption of sweets, sugars, and starches because the modern diet is increasingly composed of carbohydrates.

Mozzi explains that people of groups B and AB and A can safely eat eggs, preferably cooked, without oil in nonstick pans; wafer-thin omelets are an excellent food.

It is absurd to take drugs such as statins (which by the way cause many circulatory problems in the brain) and do not lower cholesterol because people continue to eat the foods that are the real cause of cholesterol i.e. bread pasta rice corn, all grains.
Cholesterol rises not because of fat but because of CEREALS.
Only when the gallbladder has been removed does the digestion of eggs become more problematic, in which case they should be used in moderation.

"Gallstones do not come from eggs but, if anything, from milk and dairy products, especially aged cheeses," Dr. Piero Mozzi continues.

Group O people digest soft-boiled egg better than very hard-boiled hot egg (cold egg is less digestible).

Those who have high cholesterol need to take out starches and sugars to lower cholesterol not eliminate eggs!

Dr. Mozzi is asked how many eggs one can eat a day...according to the Doctor at breakfast, if they are not fried, one can eat even two eggs without any problems.

Egg breakfasts are great options to start the day even though in our country there is no custom of consuming them in the morning but ¾ of the world uses them just for breakfast. Very thin paper-like fritters with the addition of herbs such as chicory are excellent.

Organic eggshell can also be boiled and then pulverized and then taken as a mineral and calcium supplement.

Egg (like other foods), therefore, contains cholesterol but does not make our bodies produce cholesterol.

The cholesterol molecule is demolished, broken down and reassembled into a whole other form by the complex processes that underlie the assimilation of substances in our bodies; it is the starch molecules that are broken down and reconstructed as cholesterol. Cholesterol, a complex molecule, on the other hand, is not assimilated as it is.

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