The Role of Energy and Stress in Fertility

sense of time Il ruolo dell’Energia e dello Stress nella fertilità

If you obsessively watch what you eat, monitor your temperature and take endless ovulation tests, stop now. It could damage your fertility. Instead, follow the three steps I listed below to create a positive, fertile state.

It is easy to become obsessed with diet, temperature and monitoring ovulation when trying to get pregnant.

These things can actually exacerbate your infertility. We often rely on external people and things to tell us what's going on in our bodies, and that's part of the problem.

Energy is an overlooked aspect of fertility. Yet staying in touch with your intuition is the key to maintaining positive energy and manifesting what you desire.

In accordance with the law of attraction similar energy attracts similar energy. So if you constantly think and have emotions such as "I should get pregnant now" " It won't happen" or " I am running out of useful time," you will attract an energy of despair and lack.

These thoughts can be changed, and our energy can also be changed. Don't try to go from "it will never happen" to "I might get pregnant this month" . You will spend too much energy trying to succeed. Instead, proceed in small steps. Before you know it you will find yourself working on a more positive basis.



Try these three simple steps to start shifting your energy in a positive and fertility direction .

Make a list

Make a list of the reasons why it has not been the right time so far. If you have tried to conceive or had miscarriages, look at the time frame. Have you moved? Have you started a new job? Do you have a health problem? Do you have an eating disorder? Perhaps you have had a strained relationship with your husband or family member?

Tune in and write down everything that comes to mind. It sounds strange but it's different to see it written down on paper because it helps your brain understand why it hasn't happened so far.

Next burn or destroy that list as a ceremonial farewell. Understand that the lost attempts were intentional, but now you are going further.

Then write a list of reasons why now is the right time. Include that you are looking forward to it and stick it everywhere. Even when you stop consciously noticing these notes, unconsciously you will attract that vibrant, positive energy.

 Do not monitor for a month

If you're the kind of woman who plans everything Super Woman-style, then stop monitoring ovulation by sticks, temperature, cervical mucus, and your weight.

Your body knows what to do, and too many of us put our trust in the outside of our bodies. Commit for a month to not monitoring and listening to what your body is telling you.

Listen to the signals coming from your body; that's when the magic happens. Close your eyes and breathe through your body. Listen and you will realize that everything is going right.

Create space in your life

Create space for yourself if you are doing a stressful job. If you usually work late five days a week, commit to staying late only two days and then cut back to one day. Eliminate commitments that are not necessary; for example, a couple of my clients who are teachers, worked with different classes of students, participated in two different Masters and also attended and organized different after-school programs.
Their brains (whose function is to keep us alive) sent the signal to the body that the could not take care of anything other than work and slowed down their reproductive and endocrine systems.And their brains had guessed right, so they needed to convince their brains that they actually had room in their lives for a child.

One person gave up his involvement in the teachers' union and the after-school program, another resigned as department head and gave up additional classes--it worked for both of them.

Don't wait until you are pregnant to cut back on everything that is one too many. Do it now. Show the universeyouhave room for this baby (Show the universeyouhave room for this baby!).

Because, otherwise, at this time, your brain cannot understand how it will take care of another human being.

Make these changes for yourself. If you're not sure how it's going to work out with your boss at work, let the human resources department know that you're struggling with a physical problem and need to reduce your commitment. You don't have to go into a lot of detail and the result can be that you can make a lot of room in your life for your little one.

ArticleTranslated from The Role of Energy and Stress in Fertility . By A'ndrea Reiter, Intuitive fertility coach and Reiki master

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