Nutricology, ButyrAid, Butyric Acid.

  • Nutricology, ButyrAid, Butyric Acid nourishes colon epithelial cells, supporting their integrity and function.
  • Promotes a healthy intestinal barrier by reducing permeability and preventing pathogens and toxic substances from entering the body.
  • Supports the balance of intestinal microflora
  • Helps modulate the immune response in the gut
  • May reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis
  • Studies suggest that it may have a protective role against colon cancer due to its anti-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic properties.
  • Research indicates link between butyric acid and protection against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's
  • It can influence blood glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity, offering potential benefits for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

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Butyric acid, also known as butanoic acid, is a carboxylic acid with the chemical formula C₄H₈O₂.

Butyric acid has attracted the interest of the scientific community because of its potential health benefits. Studies have suggested that it may have a protective role against some inflammatory bowel diseases and may positively influence colon health.

Biologically, butyric acid plays a crucial role in gut health. It is produced in the colon through the fermentation of dietary fiber by the intestinal microflora. One of its main functions is to nourish colon epithelial cells, promoting their integrity and function.

This helps maintain a healthy intestinal barrier, reducing the risk of inflammation and other intestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome.

Butyric acid also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help modulate the immune response in the gut.


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