Now Foods, Coenzyme B Complex

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  • Coenzyme B complex is essential for the health of the nervous system,
  • for power generation
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Nutritional health

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B-complex vitamins are needed by the body for energy production, blood cell synthesis, healthy functioning of the nervous system, and countless other metabolic processes.

The forms of the B vitamins found in foods and most supplements, however, require conversion to their active forms before they can perform their function as cofactors in biochemical reactions. NOW ® Co-Enzyme B-Complex contains B Vitamins in their active or "Co-Enzyme" form.

1 review for Now Foods, complesso Coenzima B

  1. Donatella Petronio -

    Very good product that I have my 80-year-old mother take. Thank you!

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