Fruit and Vegetable Extracts for the 4 Seasons. Book Review.

sense of time Estratti di Frutta e Verdura per le 4 Stagioni. Recensione del libro
In recent years we have been hearing more and more about fruit and vegetable juices and their use has become an almost fashionable phenomenon now but their widespread use is not a recent invention but goes back several years. Pioneers in the use of fruit and vegetable extracts were two well-known physicians: Dr. Max Gerson ( whom we hear about for his natural anti-cancer therapy) and Norman Walker.
It is due to Norman Walker, a pioneer of even the raw phenomenon the spread of cold-pressed juices, particularly through his book "Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices", also translated into the Italian version. The latter after experimenting with it on himself understood that a healthy and clean colon thanks in part to the practice of juicing can regenerate and revitalize the whole organism and thus cope with many even very serious diseases.
Dr. Max Gerson, along with other important diet and supplementation measures, had introduced into his therapy the heavy use of fruit and vegetable extracts, up to 10 fresh juices a day!
Juices play a key role in the Gerson Method. Dr. Gerson was convinced that if vegetables were ground and blended before being pressed, juiced, the nutrients were enhanced by the presence of the apple.
L'malic acid present in apples increases the nutrient potency of vegetables.
This is why in the 10 juices that people must drink every day there is always this important fruit.
In fact, fresh juices are like "builders" and regenerators of the body, provide cells with the "living matter" that regenerates and fortifies them. Juices should be drunk immediately, otherwise an oxidation process takes place that will cause them to perish in a short time, and thus their nutritional and healing properties will be lost.
It is also different to derive the same benefits from fresh fruit, which is just as healthy, but involves more work in digestion and assimilation, and thus additional energy expenditure, by the body.
Having made this premise, let us introduce the book of Marco Dalboni" Fruit and Vegetable Extracts for the 4 Seasons-which is already striking for its eye-catching cover and the very beautiful colorful and inspiring images it contains for all those who are looking for juice recipes that are simple to reproduce but very original and tasty.
The book contains beautiful 100 healthy and all-natural fresh juice recipes.
Our modern diet is increasingly fast-paced and poor in important nutrients such as vitamins, complex minerals, enzymes, and this deprivation of important substances over time leads to numerous health problems and more or less severe discomforts. Thus fruit and vegetable extracts are a very useful system for supplying our bodies with all these nutrients that we would not normally take in with ordinary food.
With today's increasingly chaotic and hectic lifestyles, extracts become a tasty healthy and smart way to have breakfast or lunch by taking the extract with you to work, which can also be prepared the night before and refrigerated. Another idea for preserving it is to add a little ascorbic acid.
Daily use of fruit and vegetable extracts is useful for regularizing metabolism and digestive processes and for purifying organs such as the kidneys and colon by rebalancing their function.
This very unique book explains very well what an extract is i.e. in a few words (but I recommend you read the much more in-depth and explanatory text) it's about of ajuice obtained through a process of "extraction" by pressure, that is, by exerting only, as the only transformation process, a crushing of the fruit and vegetable.
The extract, then, is a fluid food with a high content of nutritional complexes, capable, with little expenditure of digestive energy, of "super-nourishing" our bodies and regenerating us. This system, as we have said was envisioned by Dr. Gerson, inventor in the 1930s of a medical protocol to counter diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases, and is now back in the news because unfortunately in recent years these diseases are causing the death of many people even at a young age and official therapies can do little.
The book contains useful nutritional information, tips and recipes for preparing delicious, healthy and natural fresh juices following the rhythms of the 4 seasons. In fact, each extract is designed using fruits and vegetables for each time of the year. In addition, the book contains useful nutritional information and practical tips.
The book was designed intended and written by bio-barman Marco Dalboni who reveals all the secrets of extracts to enrich your diet quickly and easily.
It is explained in detail how to put in extracts, discusses the difference between extractor and centrifuge, talks about plant milks, and much more always accompanied by very appealing and colorful language and pictures.
After that we move on to the more practical part still with a well-stocked and rich cookbook divided by seasons and monthsfor a total of 96 recipes so that you can take advantage of the ingredients that nature offers at all times of the year (seasons are understood in a meteorological sense, so, for example, spring begins with the first day of March).
Each month offers two extract recipes for each week: the morning recipe for the first part of the day and the afternoon recipe for the second part.
Each recipe is accompanied by instructions for preparing the ingredients and directions on the order in which to place them in the extractor. I
For each season he also offers a recipe for a vegetable milk, which you can add to your extracts as you wish, and a short, an especially rich and nutritious extract for times when you will need more sprint and energy.
The practical advice and this original breakdown of recipes by months and times of day really appealed to me in this book, which I recommend everyone read or give as a gift for fans.

So what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with fruits and vegetables in preference organic and a good extractor, lots of imagination and ... good juices to you all!

In order to have juices rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are also good in flavor, since 2013 I have been using a single brand extractor Hurom, which over the years in our house has worked very hard every day and is still perfect.

Before this machine I had always used a simple centrifuge and then a different extractor, but I realized that the juice was being stripped of its properties and was not as full-bodied and nutritious.

With this extractor, juices are a complete liquid food that is very digestible to drink as well as nutritious to the max so much so that it can be called a true Superfood.


Fruit and Vegetable Extracts for the 4 Seasons
With 100 Recipes for Fresh, Healthy and Natural Juices

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