Source Naturals, vitamin D-3, 1,000 IU

  • Vitamin D3 helps support immune health
  • Helps regulate calcium and phosphorus levels needed for healthy bones and teeth
  • Helps support bone and cardiovascular health

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Sunlight is the source of life on Earth, but we may not be aware of all the ways it benefits us. Our bodies produce vitamin D-3 when our skin is exposed to UV rays from sunlight, but the ability to do so decreases as we age.

Vitamin D-3 maintains healthy levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body for strong bones; increases muscle strength in the elderly; and also plays an active role in a healthy immune response

. Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) is the optimal form of vitamin D. It is the form of vitamin D that the body produces in sunlight and the most efficient form for the body's needs.


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