Solaray, Monolaurin

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  • Monolaurin suppurates the immune system,
  • Antiviral, antibacterial,
  • antimicrobial agent.

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Monolaurin is a monoester of lauric acid, a fatty acid found in coconut oil and present in breast milk. It has been studied for its ability to provide nutritional support to the immune system.

1 review for Solaray, Monolaurina

  1. MichelaD -

    Excellent product! 'I purchased it primarily as a natural antifungal to combat intestinal candida, combined with specific enzymes ( cellulase and protease, Candidase from Enzymedica) and a home remedy to increase alkalinity, both systemic and intestinal, with baking soda and organic honey. After about a month of treatment, I am continuing only with Monolaurin and still have not experienced any symptoms of candida recurrence. I took one capsule after each main meal, for the first two weeks of treatment, three times a day, now only once or twice, for maintenance. In fact, I have read various information regarding Monolaurin as an antifungal, that it can be taken even for prolonged periods for maintenance and, unlike other natural antifungal products, such as essential oils or grapefruit seed extract, it does not cause the phenomenon of "tolerance," a phenomenon whereby the fungus develops a certain "antibiotic-resistance" to the product we are used to taking : Monolaurin, as well as other coconut derivatives, such as Caprylic Acid, do not cause this drawback and can be taken for relatively long periods, remaining equally effective over time. I will definitely repurchase the product!

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