Solaray, Liposomal Vitamin C , 500 mg

  • Liposomal vitamin C can help support antioxidant activity,
  • collagen synthesis,
  • The integrity of blood vessels,
  • normal bone development,
  • a healthy immune function
  • Fat-soluble vitamin C
  • Laboratory verified

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Solaray's liposomal vitamin C is designed to support healthy immune function, antioxidant activity, and more!

While it is true that drinking a cup of orange juice a day is an excellent source of vitamin C, it is also true that a lot of sugar comes with it! To help you avoid sugar and still get all the good stuff, Solaray is proud to introduce our liposomal vitamin C.

Formulated to work better, Solaray Liposomal Vitamin C includes 500 mg of vitamin C combined with fatty acids designed to help vitamin C cross the lipid (fatty acid) bilayer that makes up cell membranes, thus making it more available to cells.

Vitamin C can help support antioxidant activity, collagen synthesis, blood vessel integrity, normal bone development, healthy immune function, and more.

Our liposomal vitamin C is vegan, non-GMO and lab-tested for identity, potency and purity. Shine your best with Solaray's liposomal vitamin C!


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