Nature's Way, Astragalus root, 470 mg

  • Nature's Way, Astragalus Root Can be an Adaptogen Support: Astragalus is known to help the body adapt to stress,
  • Enhanced Immunity: Studies indicate that it may support the production and activity of healthy white blood cells,
  • Liver Function: Contributes to liver health through supporting its natural functions,
  • Improved Circulation: It has been examined for its role in promoting healthy vascular function,
  • Vital Energy: Traditionally used to enhance Qi, the vital energy according to Chinese medicine.

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Nature's Way, Astragalus root can promote healthy immune function through a variety of mechanisms.
Research on Astragalus indicates that it may promote healthy production and activity of particular types of white blood cells.

It has also been studied for its contribution to the maintenance of optimal liver and vascular function.

For more than two millennia, Chinese herbalists have valued Astragalus for its adaptogenic properties and its ability to strengthen the body's life force, known as Qi.


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