Life Extension, Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome

  • Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin support the immune system
  • Dietary supplement
  • Non-GMO Certificate

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Antioxidant protection, immune health and more

Getting enough vitamin C is vital for overall health, but the human body cannot make it, so you have to get vitamin C through diet or supplements. In fact, studies have shown that vitamin C supplementation supports some aspects of cardiovascular health.

In addition, the biological activity of vitamin C is complemented by the health benefits of the flavonoid quercetin. In fact, vitamin C and bioflavonoids are often found together in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus fruits.

Ultra-absorbable quercetin for immune health and more

There is a long tradition of using quercetin to alleviate the effects of seasonal immune challenges. In a randomized clinical trial, quercetin supplementation encouraged a healthy immune response in the physically fit elderly.

Another randomized controlled trial found similar results in trained athletes. And in double-blind clinical trials, quercetin promoted a healthy inflammatory response, reduced oxidative stress, and helped maintain overall health.


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