Doctor's Best, Bromelain, high potency 3000 GDU, 500 mg

  • Bromelain improves digestion,
  • Can also help support cardiovascular and joint health
  • Science-Based Nutrition ™
  • Non-GMO / Gluten Free

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Bromelain is an enzyme derived from the pineapple stem and fruit that has proteolytic (protein digestion) properties. The bromelain found in Doctor's Best 3000 GDU is one of the most potent forms of this enzyme on the market. The 3000 GDU refers to the standardization of enzyme potency and reflects the quality of the raw material used in the product. Bromelain is renowned for its digestion-enhancing characteristics and also has beneficial systemic effects within the body. Bromelain can also help support cardiovascular and joint health.


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