Doctor's Best, Nattokinase, 2,000 FU

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  • Doctor's Best, Nattokinase supports the circulatory system,
  • Has anti-coagulant effect,
  • Maintain normal fibrinogen levels,
  • Supports respiratory health,
  • Can support post Covid and vaccination recovery.

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Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from "natto," a traditional fermented soybean food popular in Japan.

During the natto production process, non-GMO soybeans are boiled and fermented with friendly Bacillus subtilis bacteria that produce nattokinase.

This supplement contains the enzyme nattokinase with vitamin K2 removed and has been shown to support the circulatory system by helping to maintain normal fibrinogen levels in the blood.

This enzyme may also have an anti-clotting effect because it helps break down the protein fibrin, which is a component of blood clots.

1 review for Doctor’s Best, Nattokinase, 2.000 FU

  1. mario -

    all perfect

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